Artist Statement

Delia Price started painting in May 2013 and soon discovered her love of bright watercolors and whimsical pictures. Her creations are unique and varied in subject matter. Her sense of humor is often expressed by hidden faces in her paintings. While many subjects have been influenced by a photograph, illustration or other painting, her later pieces are original ideas. She is self-taught and is refining her skills by painting with a watercolor class.

Delia’s creative streak has included calligraphy, cake decorating, ceramics, and designing stained glass windows in the past. Currently, her crafts include painting with acrylics on glass vases and bottles, wooden crosses, and other objects. In addition, she enjoys writing, singing, and performing four-part harmony with a quartet and a Sweet Adeline chorus.

Digital reproductions of her watercolors are numbered, signed, authenticated, and matted for framing. Please email for more information and to order prints at

Enjoy the paintings and Colorful Creations!